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Unit 18, The Maltings, Bridge St, Carlisle CA2 5SR


Our Services

We have a wide range of exercise classes and wellbeing sessions available for all abilities

iCan Ladies- Exercise and Mental wellbeing

Specially designed for women, featuring a complete 30 minute exercise programme. Our classes feature a circuit of resistance training machines, you don't need to change weights, just hop straight on the machine and workout against the resistance. The circuit also features an 'activity of the week'. These activities can include; Boxercise, aerobics, weights, legs, bums and tums and even challenging bootcamps. These sessions are designed for all ages and all abilities, our activity coaches will guide you to find the right way of exercising for your ability. Classes are on a membership basis. Book your 3 DAY FREE pass now.

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Rebounding- 30 minute trampoline workout

Rebounding is a safe, effective and fun low impact workout performed on a small trampoline designed to absorb impact and be kind on your joints. It’s a full body dance style workout that burns fat, strengthens and tones the core, legs and upper body, improves lymphatic drainage and boosts the immune system. Ladies… it’s also especially good for your pelvic floor! Rebounding is fun for all the family.<br /> Classes available at iCan's club in Carlisle, Longtown Adult and Tweens classes and Carlisle Youth Zone for children.<br /> Classes are taught by qualified ReboundUk instructors who have developed a career in Rebounding from being members of iCan and improving their health and wellbeing. We like to use the term Member to Mentor.


Live Well Guide

This is a complete 120 page guide to help you take responsibility for your own health.</p> <p>In these unprecedented times, it is increasingly more important to take care of both your physical and mental wellbeing from the comfort of your own home.</p> <p>iCan has spent the last 2 years designing this comprehensive guide, that will help you more now than ever before!</p> <p>Through this guide you will embrace a complete approach to health and wellbeing; including how to eat well, recipes ,exercise well, breathe well, the importance of hydration, emotional resilience and how to be kind to yourself.</p> <p>Order a hard back edition or an immediate access pdf download from our shop:


W.O.W (Wheels of Wellness) exercise facility

W.O.W (Wheels of Wellness) is a travelling facility encouraging you to actively engage in your own Health and Wellbeing direct in your community. Uniquely designed for ALL GENERATIONS and ABILITIES with bellicon UK rebounders, Chair-based Exercises, Ability Bouncer and our W.O.W Live Well Hub.</p> <p>W.O.W will (literally) bounce into your community!<br /> For more information please visit our W.O.W website at www.icanfitnesswow.co.uk


iCan at home- video platform

Now you can access iCan exercise videos, mental wellbeing and health tutorial videos and free pdf downloads directly from home or on the go with our iCan at home- video platform.<br /> Simply log in on your computer, phone or tablet and join in a workout with your favourite and trusted iCan activity coaches and managers.<br /> Members of iCan get this service for FREE but if you cant be a member of our iCan Carlisle club you can join iCan at home for just £10 a year!


Regular weigh and measuring service

It's important to keep track of your measurements if your trying to lose, gain or maintain a weight. We can weigh, measure and guide you into making the right choices for the coming month. We advice being weighed weekly and a full weigh and measure monthly. This is a private 1-1 service where we can talk about any issues your facing and help point you in the right direction. Using the very latest technology of weighing scales. We can record your weight, body fat %, muscle mass, visceral fat, metabolic age and much much more. This clever technology also measures how much water you are holding in your body so we can advice if you should be drinking more. Weigh and measurement services are included in all memberships free of charge! If you are not a member but would like to use this service please contact our club manager at Lisa@icanfitnesscumbria.co.uk or call 01228 819101

E-mail us to book your FREE three day pass
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