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The iCan way of thinking- Pay it forward memberships


We hear from women every week that have limited financial means, women who are on a fixed income, receiving help with mental health, Disability living or from a care system and cannot afford membership fees to help themselves improve their health and wellbeing.

We know how prevalent this is in our community of Denton Holme and throughout Carlisle. So our staff, volunteers and some member mentors have developed a way to enable these women to become more active, improve their fitness and start managing their health and wellbeing without the fear or anxiety of the cost: PAY IT FORWARD MEMBERSHIPS!

Your generosity will give them valuable support and access to iCan, along with all our other membership benefits and, most importantly, comfort in knowing they are a part of our caring iCan community.


You might have seen this type of giving in a coffee shop before.

You can afford a coffee, you buy your coffee and then decide you can afford a little bit more. So you PAY IT FORWARD and buy one for someone who can’t afford it- maybe they are a struggling mum, someone of the cusp of homelessness or are even homeless already. The money for the coffee you’ve gifted for this person is kept safe and then when someone in need comes to have one, its already paid for by you.


As a member you can pay for just your normal membership, GREAT! You don’t need to change anything at all if you don’t want too.

OR if you can you can pay for your membership and just a little bit more, someone who needs one but can’t afford it can exercise too.

If you would like to join our PAY IT FORWARD concept your membership would increase from 29 to 35pcm. Only £6 difference.

Your £6 will be added to the PAY IT FORWARD pot and iCan will gift the rest of the membership money, £23 to enable someone in need to join iCan.


We (iCan) has to be careful that these gifted memberships are going to the right people who need it most, so, how will we monitor which ladies receive one? All gifted memberships will have to be referred from a registered support service, charity or social care provider, this will be monitored through our management and through the referral from the worker at that registered service.

Thanks to the kind generosity of our club members we have 4 pay it forward memberships ready to be used!!

If you attend a support service and are interested to learning more about our PAY IT FORWARD memebrships or would like to come and visit iCan please get in touch by calling 01228 212099 and speaking to either Lisa or Julia.

If you are a support service wishing to find out more about our gifted memberships for the community you support please call the same number or email us at icanhealthcentre@gmail.com

EVERYONE CAN AT ICAN! Because we are all EQUAL!

Lisa Dykes

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